Alex Gray 

I’m Alex Gray, a London-based fashion and wedding photographer dedicated to creating timeless, unique, and artful imagery. Drawing from years of fashion industry experience, I infuse an editorial touch, skilfully capturing unscripted moments to produce a captivating and meaningful narrative of your special day.

My mum is a talented photographer who once specialised in weddings, and growing up, I often assisted her on weekends. She had a unique way of effortlessly capturing weddings on just a few rolls of black and white film. My parents would then develop her images together in our home lab. Her focus on quality over quantity made me truly appreciate the beauty of every moment she captured.
I want your wedding photos to reflect this dedication to quality, capturing the essence of your special day. And, of course, my deep love for black and white photography is a tribute to her artistry and how it has influenced my work.

Your comfort is my utmost priority when I'm behind the camera, and I take great pride in my unobtrusive approach. I'm not a fan of too many family formals; instead, I prefer to document the day as it naturally unfolds whilst offering posing prompts at times. For the most part, I'll blend in seamlessly with family and friends, capturing the genuine moments as they happen. When you look at your images, I want you to not only remember how your day looked, but how it felt.


Instagram: @alexgrayweddings

Phone Number: +44 7847544253